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2021 春季三班 Week 18

Welcome to UCLC, Chinese Level 3 Class
6/15 – 6/17 (weekday) and 6/19 – 6/20 (weekend)
Class 3, Week 18 Weekday Class Assignment DUE DATE 6/20
Class 3, Week 18 Weekend Class Assignment DUE DATE 6/24

We have reached the last week of our Spring Semester.  Throughout this time, I have watched each of you grow and improve, and I am so proud of all of you. During the Summer, regardless of whether or not you take Summer school classes, continue to practice what you’ve learned in Chinese this school year. Use the flashcards you made during the school year to review what you’ve learned and to create new sentences. Be sure to say those sentences out loud so you can practice your pronunciation. Practice makes perfect.
I wish you a wonderful and safe Summer.  

Homework Assignment:
1. Reading Assignment:
第十課句型 (Lesson 10 Sentence Patterns on pages 64. – 65.) Listen to the audio file and follow along. Practice these Sentence Patterns and focus on your tones.Click link

2. Written Assignment:
Sentences to write in the blue writing book for Weekday and Weekend Students 
a.Page 64. 本來… … ,以後,(現在) … originally … (after / now)… : write the 1st, 3rd sentences.
b.Page 65. 每 … … 都 V .. every … all : write the 3rd, 4th sentences. 
c.Page 65. 住在 : write the 3rd sentence.
Once you have completed the assignment, take a photo of the written sentences and e-mail or classkick to me.

3. In class we will be completing Lesson 10 of the Textbook and Exercise on pages 60-70 and 72.

4. We will be completing Lesson 10 of the workbook. If we can’t finish in class, please complete Lesson 10 of the workbook on you own.

5. We will be taking a test this week. Students will read Lesson 10 text without using pinyin.

6. This week we will review Lesson 12 of the google form.

7. Google Form 第課十二學習測驗 weekday 每日班
8. Google Form 第課十二學習測驗 weekend 週末班

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