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2021 春季三班 Week 14

Welcome to UCLC, Chinese Level 3 Class
5/18 – 5/20 (weekday) and 5/22- 5/23 (weekend)
Class 3, Week 14 Weekday Class Assignment DUE DATE 5/23
Class 3, Week 14 Weekend Class Assignment DUE DATE 5/27
Next week 5/29, 5/30 (Sat and Sun) Memorial Day weekend (No School)

Homework Assignment
1. Reading Assignment:
a. 生詞 / 短語 (Vocabulary Word / Phrases on page 92.) Practice these words and phrases and focus on your tones.Listen to the audio file link and follow along. click link
Record yourself reading/reciting and send me your reading assignment for this week.

2. Written Assignment:  
a. 第十二課生詞 (Phrases)每個生詞每天寫一次,寫完後請用 Classkick 繳交功課。 (Write these 13 phrases once per day) Once you have completed the assignment, Please use Classkick to turn in your homework. Write these 10 phrases: (1)很久, (2)說話, (3)過來, (4)長高, (5)看起來, (6)寫字, (7)寫信, (8)有意思, (9)上/下課, (10)一定, (11)沒問題, (12)好好, (13)功課.
b. 請準備7張索引卡,這個星期我們要做第十二課的閃示卡,做完後每天複習一次。

3.This week we will be making flashcards for Lesson 12. Please cut 7 index cards in half to make 13 cards.

4. This week, we will go over Lesson 8 of the workbook. (Thu., 5/20, for weekday students). (Sun., 5/23, for weekend students). Once the assignment is completed, take a photo of the assignment and turn it in using Classkick on due date: Sunday 5/23 (for weekday students) and Thursday 5/27 (for weekend students).

5. This week we are going to practice how to use Classkick to turn in your assignment.
(Tue., 5/18, for weekday students). (Sat., 5/22, for weekend students).
Classkick For Weekday Class 每日班
Classkick For Weekend Class 週末班

6. Quizlet 請連結第十二課練習 Please continue to practice the characters/phrases from Lesson 12. Study the “Learn, Flashcards, Write, Spell, Test” features and play “Match” here: click link   

7. Song 🐦小烏鴉 找水喝動畫 說說唱唱 click link  

8. Song 去動物園 动物园有大老虎🐘🙊🐬  說說唱唱 click link

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