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2021 春季三班 Week 8

Welcome to UCLC, Chinese Level 3 Class
3/23 – 3/25(weekday) and 3/27 – 3/28(weekend)
Class 3, Week 8 Weekday Class Assignment DUE DATE 3/28
Class 3, Week 8 Weekend Class Assignment DUE DATE 4/1

1. Homework Assignment:
a.打開第九課 音樂教室在北fang (Open your textbook and turn to lesson 9.) click link
(Listen to the audio file and follow along).Please, practice this lesson and focus on your tones (first, second, third, and fourth).
Record yourself reading/reciting and send me your reading assignment for this week.

b. 生詞 / 短語 (Vocabulary Word / Phrases on page47 ) Practice these words and phrases and focus on your tones (first, second, third, and fourth).
Listen to the audio file link and follow along. click link

2. Written assignment:
 a. 第九課生詞 (Phrases)每個生詞每天寫一次 (Write these 11 phrases once per day) Once you have completed the assignment, take a photo of the written phrases and e-mail it to me.
Write these 11 phrases: (1)東方, (2)西方, (3)南方, (4)北方, (5)在哪裡/里, (6)方向, (7)因為, (8)所以, (9)指南針,(10)校門口,(11)學校.

b. 請準備6張索引卡,這個星期我們要做第九課的閃示卡,做完後每天複習一次。
This week we will be making flashcards for lesson 9. Please cut 6 index cards in half to make 11 cards.

3. Oral practice – Use and combine the words and phrases from lesson 8 (flashcards) to create new sentences. In class, we will practice saying these sentences out loud. 

4. Next week (week 9), you will be tested on Lesson 8. Each student will read Lesson 8 without relying on pinyin.

5.sing along 兒歌- 火車嘟嘟嘟 click link

6. Quizlet 請連結第九課練習 Please continue to practice the characters/phrases from Lesson 9. Study the “Learn, Flashcards, Write, Spell, Test” features and play “Match” here: click link   

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