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2021 春季三班 Week 6

Welcome to UCLC, Chinese Level 3 Class
3/9 – 3/11(weekday) and 3/13 – 3/14(weekend)
Class 3, Week 6 Weekday Class Assignment DUE DATE 3/14
Class 3, Week 6 Weekend Class Assignment DUE DATE 3/18

Homework Assignment:
1. Reading Assignment:
第八課句型 (Lesson 8 Sentence Patterns on pages 30 – 32) Listen to the audio file and follow along. Practice these Sentence Patterns and focus on your tones.Click link

2. Written Assignment:
Sentences to write in the blue writing book for Weekday and Weekend Students 
a.Page 30. 帶…去 to bring(a person / something ) to do something : write the 1st, 3rd sentences.
b.Page 31. 沒 V 過 / V 過 (particle used after a verb to indicate past experience) : write the 1st, 3rd sentences. 
c.Page 31. 上個月 / 上個星期 last month / last week : write the 1st, 2nd sentences. 
d.Page 32. 送給 to give (as a present) : write the 1st, 3rd sentences.
Once you have completed the assignment, take a photo of the written sentences and e-mail it to me.

3. Oral practice – Use and combine the words and phrases from lessons 6 and 7 (flashcards) to create new sentences. In class, we will practice saying these sentences out loud.    

4. We will be taking a test this week (Wed., 3/10, and Thu., 3/11, for weekday students) (Sun., 3/14, for weekend students). Students will read Lesson 8 text without using pinyin.

5. Quizlet 請連結第八課練習 Please continue to practice the characters/phrases from Lesson 8. Study the “Learn, Flashcards, Write, Spell, Test” features and play “Match” here: click link

6.sing along 兒歌 歡喜與和氣 click link

7. Google Form 第七課考試 weekday 每日班

8. Google Form 第七課考試 weekend 週末班

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