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2021 春季三班 Week 1

Welcome to UCLC, Chinese Level 3 Class
2/2 – 2/4 (weekday) and 2/6 – 2/7(weekend)
 Class 3, Week 1 Weekday Class Assignment DUE DATE 2/7
Class 3, Week 1 Weekend Class Assignment DUE DATE 2/11

This week starts the beginning of Spring Semester. All of you have done an amazing job during the Fall Semester. You’ve memorized not only additional characters, but learned how to speak and express yourself in Mandarin and created phrases and sentences using the characters you’ve learned. This is more than rote memorization. You are expanding upon your knowledge of Mandarin at an exponential rate. I am so proud of you. I challenge you to continue to work hard this semester. I can’t wait to see how your language skills will blossom!我們會在這學期的前幾週,復習學上學期過的1-6的課程,也會有學習測試評量如:聽、說、讀、寫。謝謝各位同學們的努力,真為你們的努力而驕傲!

Homework Assignment:
1. 打開第課七 課文 (Open your textbook and turn to lesson 7.) click link
(Listen to the audio file and follow along). Please, practice this lesson and focus on your tones(first, second, third, and fourth). No need to record and send me your reading for this week.

2.筆順練習 Please write each character by practicing lesson 6 stroke order. click link
In class, we will go over the stroke orders and engage in additional stroke order exercises.
Once you have completed the assignment, take a photo of the written characters and e-mail it to me.
(1)起 , (2) , (3) 早, (4) 洗, (5)昨, (6)過, (7) 別, (8) 忘, (9) 用, (10) 臉, (11) 該, (12) 牙.

3.春節 Spring Festival Click link

4. sing along New Year’s song 大家一起唱 恭喜恭喜 Click link

5. Story Time 2. 聽故事時間年的由來 Click link

6. What is Chinese Lion Dancing 舞獅的由來 Click link

7. Chinese Lion Dancing 舞獅 Click link

8. Handouts 1 and 2 will be e-mailed to you

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