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2020 秋季三班 Week 6

10/20 – 10/22 (weekday) and 10/24 – 10/25 (weekend)
Welcome to UCLC, Chinese Level 3 Class

Class 3, Week 6,Weekday Class Assignment DUE DATE 10/25
Class 3, Week 6, Weekend Class Assignment DUE DATE 10/29

To Class 3 students and parents, it is crucial that you dedicate time each day to complete your homework and practice your Chinese. Each week we are building upon what we previously learned and then introducing new vocabulary and material. If you take the time now to learn and review what you previously learned, then you will be able to easily follow along in class and improve your Chinese. Thank you in advance for all the effort you put forth in preparing for each class.

1. Directions for turning in your homework:
(a) Record yourself reading the weekly assignment (see Item 2 below) 請和背錄音第三課課文
(b) Complete your written characters/phrases (see item 4 below)
(c) Take a photo of your completed written characters/phrases and
(d) E-mail the voice recording and written characters/phrases to me before the above stated deadline.

2. 請打開第三課課文,跟著音檔唸,同時注意聽四聲調號及發音。(Open your textbook and turn to lesson 3, page 42)
To listen to a recording of lesson 3, click on the below hyperlink (超連結). Listen to the audio file and follow along.
Practice this lesson and focus on your tones (first, second, third, and fourth). Then record yourself and e-mail the recording to me. Click link

3. 生詞/短語 (Vocabulary Word / Phrases on page 43) Practice these words and phrases and focus on your tones (first, second, third, and fourth). Listen to the audio file link and follow along. click on the link

4. Written assignment: 生詞 (Phrases)每個生詞每天寫一次 (Write these 9 phrases once per day.) 分5天寫完
(Use five days to complete the assignment.) Once you have completed the assignment, take a photo of the written phrases and e-mail it to me.
Write these 9 phrases: (1)要去, (2)還要, (3)附近, (4)東西, (5)買米, (6)牛肉, (7)魚肉, (8)牛奶, (9)可以.

5. 我們一起來練習漢語拼音Let’s practice together click link

6.There will be a class quiz from Lesson 1 this Wednesday (10/21) and Thursday (10/22)for weekday students and next weekend (10/24 and 10/25) for weekend students.

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