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2020 秋季三班 Week 1

9/15 – 9/17 weekday and 9/19 – 9/20 weekend
Welcome to UCLC Chinese Level 3 Class

Class3 Week1: Weekday Class Assigment DUE DATE 9/20
Class3 Week1: Weekend Class Assigment DUE DATE 9/24

1. Here is a way to turn in the assigment :
E-mail me the recording and the written assigment (take picture of your accompished work)

2.第一課筆順練習Please practice strokes of the characters Stroke order click link
新,同,學,自,幾,年,跟,比每個生字每天寫三次,分四天寫完。Write each word 3 times a day and finish it in 4 days

3.打開第一課 課文Lesson1 text click link 聽音檔跟著唸

4.生詞/短語 聽音檔跟著唸 click link Vocabulary Words / Phrases

5.請打印字卡,每天複習一次 print out Flash card and review and study the cards sheet (check download1)

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