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2020 暑期三班 Week 1

06 /22 – 06/26/2020
暑期班的功課 Summer Class Homework
同學們要進來把要讀的功課 ,要寫的紙 , 都印出來。

  1. 請把每個生字每天抄寫三次分四天/五天寫完
  2. 把這寫字紙印出來print out the writing paper sheet。
  3. 做字卡,做完字卡請唸和練習for new sdudent I will show you how to make a flash card
  4. 請把課文印出來,在家先唸唸看課文 print out the handout sheet
  5. 每週一,二同學要做周末報告Every Monday and Tuesday, students will do over the weekend speech

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